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Here at Meraki Beauty Bar we believe each student is a direct reflection of us. Our curriculum is compiled with years of knowledge, training, tips, and tricks - along with the things we had always wished we got when taking classes to better ourselves. So believe us when we say that we did all the hard work for you, now you can just come, learn and thrive in the beauty industry.

To save your seat in our next training please email us at or text/call  (469)-938-4474

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Microblading Training

This is a 2 day advanced microblading training for artists of all levels. Beginners are welcomed and artists who are wanting to learn all my tips and tricks to perfect their craft join us and you won't be disappointed. 
What's included?
- Luxury starter kit (allows you the opportunity to double your investment).
- Bloodborne pathogens certification
- Consent form breakdown and template
- Live model demonstration
- Break down and set up
- Sanitation
- Social media tutorial
- Pre and post care breakdown
- A business start up check list with links to everything
- One year of support after training completion
* Lunch included* 
( No license required before signing up. State laws vary, please check with your state for requirements)

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Intro to Eyelash Extensions


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