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Full Set: $180

1 week Fill: $40

2 week Fill: $60

3 week Fill: $80


Full Set: $200

1 week Fill: $50

2 week Fill: $70

3 week Fill: $90


Full Set: $220

1 week Fill: $60

2 week Fill: $80

3 week Fill: $100



Consultation: Free

First Session: $450

8 week Touch Up: $100

Annual Touch Up: $250


Consultation: Free

First Session: $550

8 week Touch Up: $150

Annual Touch Up: $300


Consultation: Free

First Session: $500

8 week Touch Up: $125

Annual Touch Up: $275


Consultation: Free
First Session: $500
8 Week Touch Up: $125
Annual Touch Up: $275


Lash Lift: $100 
Lash Lift & Tint: $120
Brow Lamination: $90
Brow Tint: $20


Eyelash Removal: $30
Extra Time: $30/30 Min
After Hours Fee: $30
Foreign Fill Fee: $30
Patch Test: Free



Foam Lash Cleanser: $25

Cleansing Brush: $5

Lash Serum: $65


Sun defense elixir: $38

Repair lip therapy: $35

Cool tool: $48

Mini tool: $16

Tropical mango mask: $57

Immune activator: $120

Nourish: $59

Deep clean: $28

Infuse: $29

Pure lip balm: $7

Therapeutic body oil: $168

Skin defense: $68

Regenerate: $89

Digestive support: $52

Epic duo skin tool: $74

Quench: $58

Cleanse: $28

Refresh: $64

Enrich: $68

Mosquito elixir: $38

Elevate supplement: $76

Rescue MD: $148

Boost: $38

Protect SPF: $34

Clarify: $69

Calm: $85

Renew: $114

Hydrate: $65

Polish MD: $52

Purify: $28

Catalyst MD: $148

Stemfactor: $146

Correct MD: $98

Replenish MD: $94


Brow Wax: $20
Brow Wax & Tint: $35
Lip Wax: $12
Brow & Lip: $30
Sideburns: $15
Nose: $10
Ears: $10
Full Face (excludes brows & nose): $55

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Mini Facial-

45 Min: $75

A relaxing facial which includes: perfect cleanse, exfoliation, steam, customized

mask, high frequency and protection steps. Great for those with no serious skin concerns or those who need guidance on perfecting their skin. The perfect on-the-go glow!

Holistic Facial-

60 Min: $95

Based on Ancient Eastern Medicine this luxurious facial nurtures the skin and calms the mind. Includes an aromatic double cleanse, customized enzyme treatment, a relaxing massage of the face, neck, shoulder and décolleté.

Followed by a mask specifically for your skin concerns and protection steps.

The perfect facial for rejuvenating and relaxing!

The Signature LED Facial-

60 Min: $135

This facial includes a thorough double cleanse and exfoliation, followed by 30

min under the Celluma LED light. Finishing with a customized mask on the face, neck and décolleté, and protection steps. LED light therapy improves skintone, texture and clarity, accelerates cell turnover, increases circulation, repairs tissue, and kills acne causing bacteria. Celluma is FDA approved and clinically proven to show results.

Nano Facial Infusion with Revita Pen-

90 Min: $170

This treatment offers immediate and long term results using Facial Infusion,

Active powder blends and the Rivitapen Pro from Osmosis. Great for acne,

aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. The Facial Infusion is worked manually

into the skin resulting in maximum penetration of the ingredients deep into the skin to target skin concerns where they start without damaging the epidermis. This facial includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, facial infusion, customized mask, followed by LED and protection steps. This facial is proven to show a 30 day collagen production Increase and is completely customized to accomplish your skin goals.

Series Of 3 Bundle: $470 ($510 value)

Series Of 6 Bundle: $920 ($1,020 value)

*when you purchase any series, receive 10% off retail products

Back Facial-

60 Min: $90

Our customized facial for the back is designed to help clear clogged pores, inflammation, dry skin and bacne. This treatment will tend to the hard to reach areas of the back and focus on cleansing and extractions. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions and a hydrating mask. Say goodbye to pesky bacne!

Better Skin Boot Camp-

$740 ($810 value)

This skin correcting boot camp is great for acne prone, fine lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

You will receive a treatment every 2-3 weeks alternating between the Facial Infusion with the Revitapen Pro (listed above) and customized nutrient infusion facial for hydration and antioxidant perk up, followed by 30 minutes under the Celluma LED. This boot camp is designed to produce results and maintain better skin. You will be in love with your skin within 6 amazing customized treatments!

6 Treatments every 2-3 weeks and must be completed within 4 months

*10% off retail products during treatment course and free gift

Microcurrent Facial- 60 minutes: $135

The treatment involves using low-grade electrical current to strengthen, tighten, and lift your facial muscles. As we age, we lose collagen. Microcurrent encourages the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), which leads to the creation of elastin and collagen. This facial includes a double cleanse,

enzyme exfoliation, customized mask, 15-20 microcurrent massage and protection steps. For best results

continue treatment every 2-4 weeks!

First Class Facial- 

This facial combines the top 3 services in 1! This facial includes double cleanse, enzyme mask, Nano

Facial Infusion with Revita Pen, 15-20 minute Microcurrent massage, LED Light Therapy and protection


This facial is the best of the best. It creates a 30 day collagen production, lifts and tones the facial

muscles, lightens hyperpigmentation and gives your skin everything it could ever need!

90 minutes: $200

Series of 3 bundle: $520 ($600 value)

Series of 6 bundle: $1.020 ($1.200 value)

Microcurrent (Add on)-

20 minutes: $30

Dermaplaning (Add on)-

15 minutes: $20


Spray tans: $45

Prom/Photoshoot makeup: $90

Ask about our *Cash Discount.

*Deposit required upon booking

(will go towards the total balance due at the time of the appointment).

*24 hours cancellation policy requires you to cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid paying the total amount for the service booked.

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